Monday, March 13, 2006


Over the past few weeks, I've found myself reflecting on the Lord. Reflecting on His goodness and His provision. He is a good God. No question. And He's been showing me His goodness in my life so incredibly clearly.

Of course the obvious goodness is that in 4 1/2 months, I will become Mrs. Kim Audi. Hmm...I like the sound of that! ;-)

One of the big things He's been teaching me, though, is about His provision. Daniel and I are preparing to move to Turkey, probably in July 2007. We have a team of amazing people here with whom we have been building relationships and learning what community looks like. My last adventure overseas was with a mission-sending agency who totally takes care of you financially...and then some. I never had to be concerned about paying rent, going to the doctor, insurance, paying for my travel or extra pieces of luggage. All of that was taken care of. However, when Daniel and I go overseas, we will be going on support - such a different concept. And at first was a very scary one.

This is where the LORD'S provision comes in. Wow! He is a good God! From December to the middle of February, my income has been just enough to pay the bills. However, in the past month He has provided an amazing job opportunity for me through the company with whome I teach English. I am now tutoring refugee kids at an international school..and it is such a joy!! I quit my job cleaning at the church and am now only working 13 hours tutoring and 4 hours teaching ESL (plus taking 9 hours at seminary). I make double what I was making last month and am able to save again. What God is showing me through this, is that He not only provides, but He provides in ABUNDANCE!

And He has not only provided a way for me to make a living, but He has given me two jobs that I love going to. My students are amazing. I don't know why He has chosen to give me such a heart for internationals, but I can't imagine my life without them. I find so much joy in loving them, teaching them English, laughing with them, grieving with them.

And His abundance doesn't stop there. My roommate is getting married in May. (This picture is from her shower this weekend.) I wasn't sure how I would afford living in this apartment by myself, paying rent and bills, etc. And God has again provided! I will move in with a friend's grandmother after we finish this semester - rent free! And I might even have the opportunity to make money, just sitting with her 4 hours a day, reading her Bible to her and doing other random things she requests. Isn't God GOOD?!?!?!

He is teaching me to trust Him to be our provider when we start living off of support. He has called us to be a part of His work among the nations. He will also provide for our needs. It has been such a great lesson.

So sweet to breathe in the sweet fragrance of our precious Father. The One who takes care of His children. The One who clothes the lillies of the valley and who gives food to the birds of the air. The One who surely takes care of His own.