Saturday, December 22, 2007

project over Christmas break.

So, I'm off of work for 3 weeks - December 17-January 7. It's nice, except that my "vacation" is unpaid since I'm just a part time worker!

To fill the time Daniel and I decided I could take on a house project!! And the winning project was painting an accent wall in our kitchen - RED! So, this past week my friend, Amanda, and I took on a painting project at our house. And here it is - an accent wall in our kitchen! We painted the primer and first coat. I thought it was a complete disaster...until Daniel took a roller brush to it the next day for a second and a very thin third coat. looks fantastic now!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas at our house.

Just in case you wanted a peek inside of our living room during Christmas time, here it is. We bought a live fur tree again this year and are reminded of Christmas each time we walk in our house and not only see, but smell the greatness of this tree! The placemats on the table are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond...last year. I found them and fell in love with them, but didn't want to pay $7/placemat. So, I waited until after Christmas. And guess how much I paid??? $2/placemat!! Pretty good if you ask me!!

'Tis the Season

Working with refugees at Catholic Charities is such a joy! One of the joys of this job is getting to really bless these families at Christmastime. Toys for Tots donates toys to our kids as well as individuals who "adopt" refugee families to bless at Christmas. Daniel and I got to deliver gifts together last Sunday afternoon to this particular family - they were all smiles with the gifts they received!

Another fun thing that Sunday afternoon was hearing the kids sing their understandings of some of our Christmas songs. I think you'll enjoy it!

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Christmas at Amy's

Our friends Amy, Nicole, and Jason hosted a great Christmas party at Amy's house. It's always good to see these folks - originally they were all friends of Daniel's through Turkey connections, but the Lord has really connected my heart with them as well. I look forward to seeing them and being encouraged by them in the Lord!

Amy Nobles and me!

Me, Nicole, Rebecca, and Callie!

Me and Daniel cheesing it up!

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Tribute to Izehi

Dear Izehi,

Your sister delivered our Christmas gift to Elizabeth at the church...
Elizabeth delivered it to us...
And well, we just couldn't wait to open it!
Daniel had an inkling of what was inside and was anxious to chomp his teeth into it! Here's how the ripping open of your gift progressed:

1. We calmly displayed the gift to the camera.

2. We began ripping into the nicely wrapped roll of tissue paper.

3. Daniel threw his hands up in excitement that his "inkling" was true. As for me, well, my eyes nearly bulged out of my head with excitement.

4. And here we are, so excited that we're eating through the packaging to get to the oh-so-yummy cookies!

Thanks, Izehi, for remembering us at Christmas and sending a gift from across the ocean! We love you!!!

Kim & Daniel

Fort Worth Jingle Bell Run

We did it!! We successfully finished the 5K we were totally unprepared for! I mean, we ran probably 60% of the race!!! HOORAY FOR US!

Fort Worth has an annual "Jingle Bell Run" and we decided to be a part of it this year. "Jingle Bell Run" you might ask. Tradition has it that runners wear jingle bells on their shoes as they run - and we all sound like a pack of reindeer. It was actually quite fun!

Here we are warming up before the race at our house. We're such goobers!!!

Halleluiah Chorus

It's CHRISTMAS!!! After putting up the Christmas tree at mom and dad's after Thanksgiving, we came home to an undecorated house. :( However, we like to get real Christmas trees and thought it would be best to wait one more week. So, to get in the spirit of Christmas before decorating the house, we went to a performance of Handel's Messiah presented by the Fort Worth City orchestra and the choir from Southwestern Seminary. Neither of us had heard the entire piece before. And still neither of us have heard the entire piece!

We got dressed up (well, a little dressed up!) and headed to the seminary to experience this masterpiece. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but on a week night and after having sat for an hour for the first of 3 parts of the performance, and having gotten to attend for free since it was hosted by the seminary, we decided to call it a night during intermission. This meant we missed the enfamous "Halleluiah Chorus".

Maybe next year we'll start the performance AFTER intermission!

Have any of you ever heard the entire performance?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Meredith & Me

Have I mentioned Meredith lately? She's so cute!! This is another picture from our time in Ruston over Thanksgiving, but I forgot to post it and thought it was post-worthy. Meredith is so cute right now. She's totally not into her pacifier anymore, but she'll soothe herself with her thumb just the same! And, she's really into playing 'peek-a-boo' with anyone who is interested! She's a little mixed up on where to put her hands. Sometimes she covers her eyes, but sometimes she covers her ears! SO CUTE!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

the FOUR FRIENDS reunion

So Molly, Anna, Heather, and I were all in Ruston for Thanksgiving and I invited them to come over during the break. The last time (other than our wedding festivities) that all of us were together with our husbands/boyfriends was in 2005 when I brought Daniel home for the first time. We all met up for coffee. At that time, our total number was 8. Now, we were 9. A single number change may not seem like much, but...

-Daniel became not just my boyfriend, but my husband.

-Heather and Chad's then 2 month old little girl who was having serious heart conditions has now made it successfully through a surgery and is 2 years old and lives life BIG! She's super energetic and funny!

-Molly and Brandon now have a little girl.

-Anna...well, Mr. Right has yet to find Anna, but I trust he is out there somewhere. I absolutely can NOT believe she hasn't been swept off of her feet yet. After all, she's got a fun, great personality, she's athletic, she loves the Lord, she's a good listener and a good friend, and last but not least, she's beautiful! God's keeping someone really special for her - I believe that!

Ah....good times with sweet friends.


What are you thankful for this year? Who are you thankful for? We have so much to be thankful for - families, friends, freedom in our country, our Savior. Specifically we are thankful this year that He has brought us through our first year of marriage and has directed us in staying here in the US for a bit longer and has brought a sweet community in our lives to fellowship with and grow in the Lord together. He's also given us terrific people to serve through our work. It's really a joy to have work that is so rewarding! And He's given us the privilege of being near family still!! Here we are - Dad, Mom, me, Daniel, Jenny, Meredith, and Brian.

We spent Thanksgiving in Ruston with both sides of my family - dad's family first, then mom's family. Here are some clips of our Thanksgiving celebration:

Mamaw and me making sweet potato casserole

cousins and aunts and uncles and 2nd cousins

2nd cousins - Meredith and Sydney

all of us at Granny's

cousins and babies

Meredith...driving home. Is this legal?!?!!?!