Thursday, March 12, 2009

reflections on this past decade.

I did it. I turned 30 at the beginning of this month. Today I am 30 years and 10 days old.

As I reflected on the past decade, I was really amazed to remember all that God has blessed me with in the past 10 years. Here is a brief overview:
I started the decade as a junior in college.

I went on mission trips to Turkey and to Kenya.

(on the way to Turkey)

(in Kenya)

I graduated from college.

I moved to Egypt and lived there for 2 years. While there, I visited Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Spain, Gibralter, and France.

Upon my return to the States, I moved to Fort Worth, TX to begin seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I began teaching ESL to refugees with Catholic Charities.

I fell in love with a co-worker.

And..3 1/2 months later, he proposed!

We got married and Kim Hood became Kim Audi.

One year and a half years later we were pregant!

We bought a new car.

We traveled to Nepal.

We had a son.

We are buying our first house...(picture to be posted after we move in)!

What a decade! The Lord has blessed me beyond measure. I am trult grateful. Can this next decade get any better?

Monday, March 02, 2009

with a little help from his daddy...

Josiah made me this birthday card: