Thursday, September 24, 2009

what happened to us - part III

Josiah pretty much has the freedom to crawl about our house and play with whatever is in his reach - though there are some things we left out to try to help him learn boundaries. One thing that we can't put away, though, is toilet paper. And well, once he discovered it, he decided he loved it! So, sometimes when he's been playing and all of a sudden he is missing and it's quiet, we know where to look! When he hears the pitter patter of our feet, he gets excited and knows he's being found out. This is what we generally find has happened in our absence...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a long hiatus

Since I last wrote...


Ash was my roommate before Daniel and I became roommates - Ashley and I both traded each other for a husband! ;-) Ashley and Austin are expecting their first, a girl, in mid-October. The newest Perry's name is Charlotte and she's gonna be here before we know it!


"I can pull up on furniture and cruise around!"

"I got cuter!" - (does that count for a trick?)

"I can drink from a sippy cup!"

"I'm getting bigger! And I have 7 teeth at 9 1/2 months old!"

We went to Ruston for the long Labor Day weekend. Normally Ruston is only a 4 hour trip, but...not this time. Nope, not when your child explodes OUT OF HIS DIAPER not once, but TWICE, on the trip home. The first time was incredibly stressful. Daniel and I all but cussed each other out in the midst of it. Did I mention it was stressful?? I had to ask the lady at the convenient store for a hose to hose Josiah down - that's how bad the explosion was. Not to mention that his car seat was dirty and we had to clean it up. Yuck!! The second time, though, we pretty much just laughed and got Josiah cleaned up and rested a bit at the big Texas truck stop near Tyler.

We finally made it to Ruston and all crashed for the night - hoping for a better day in the morning! And, it was. Josiah loves playing with his cousins. And, they play so well together! Mornings at Papa and Gran-Gran's house are super special with all of us (minus Brian and Daniel) crawled up in my mom and dad's bed. The kids laugh with one another and play as they are waking up and we just enjoy family time. But, like I said, it's a little much for the sons-in-law to participate. They'll sometimes come in and stand around the bed, though. Or, just take the opportunity to sleep in a little! It's always nice to have some extra hands around to play with the babies!

Saturday morning in Papa's chair...

Saturday night at Mamaw & Papaw's - Josiah was learning the ways of a good southern red neck - deer in the back of a pick up truck!

Sunday afternoon playing with Annie & Allie (my cousin's girls)

Here I am at 25 weeks...

We gave Dad tickets to a Rangers game for Father's Day. He and Mom came a couple of weekends ago during the rainiest week we've had in Texas in FOREVER! But, the weather was dry for the Saturday night game (until the 9th inning when they stopped the game for rain - who stops a game for rain at the top of the 9th inning? It was almost over!) Josh & Elizabeth kept Josiah so we could have a night out with my parents - it was so nice!

Josiah is ready for football season with this great Redskins jersey his aunt and uncle gave him last Christmas!