Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's Sonogram...

We had the sono today and all looks great - heard the heartbeat, saw the little spinal cord and head and legs and arms and saw that the baby is...

Josiah is gonna have a baby brother!!!

Gran Gran, Papa, & Mamaw come for a visit

My Mamaw wanted to come see our house, so Mom & Dad brought her here this past Saturday to see the house and to see Josiah! It was so sweet of them to make the 4 hour drive here, only to stay 3-4 hours in the afternoon. We had lunch and visited at the house a bit, and then they got back in the car for their return to Ruston. I was so glad they came. We got some good shots with Josiah...

turning thirty

These are the gals I hang out with most. We celebrated Nikki's 30th birthday this past Friday at Bistro Louise, a posh little restaurant in Fort Worth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIKKI!

South Carolina

Twenty-two Audis were in South Carolina
a couple of weekends ago....

We all met at the Eastons' and had such a nice, relaxing, long weekend....even went to the lake one afternoon! Josiah was definitely a hit with his cousins. He was like a magnet! They were so sweet to entertain him and play with him. And, Daniel and I enjoyed a lot of adult time with his parents and siblings.

cousin magnet
cutie at the lake
dinner on the patio
reading with Aunt Rachel