Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Lately I've really been captivated by the deep, deep love of the Father. He has shown His love in many ways recently. To name a few:
His love is displayed to me in the beauty of His creation as I stare into the eyes of children, teenagers, and adults from Somalia.They are just absolutely gorgeous creations. No one but an amazingly creative master Designer could create such beauty.
His love is displayed to me in the provision of someone to lead me and push me closer to Him. Daniel has really been challenging me lately to draw nearer and dearer to the Father and to memorize His Word. I'm so thankful for his leadership and accountability.
His love is displayed to me in the blessings of friends and families who are so supportive of mine and Daniel's relationship. We have been showered with gifts to make our house a home, money to help us as we follow God's calling to Turkey next year, words of encouragement and blessing, advice from married couples.
His love is displayed to me in the compassion and love He has given me for the elderly lady with whom I am living. I've been living with an 86 year old lady for the past 7 weeks. 4 weeks to go. It was a really difficult living situation at first. However, the Lord has really developed a love for her within me and I'm so thankful to be a part of her life for this season and to be able to help her at this time in her life.
His love is displayed to me in the awesomeness of a sunset! I've had the privilege to see the sunset several times lately. No special reason, other than I'm on the road at the time of the sunset or I've happened to be outside. The brilliance of the pink and orange hues that illuminate the sky and paint the most gorgeous scene to take over the entire sky are breath-taking. And I know He is the One who paints the skies!
His love is displayed to me in the joy of new frienships. Anwar, Anwar, and Sawsan have really brought much joy into my life. These girls are precious and make me laugh. They are girls, through and through, and spending time with them is a blast!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

This is for you, ABDULLE

Abdulle is the dark one in this photo. The other one you may not recognize is Jennifer, my supervisor in the tutoring program I work for at Catholic Charities. Abdulle is a co-worker of mine and Daniel's. He is from Somalia. We've really enjoyed getting to know him. He's just plain fun and he's so interested in our lives - WE LOVE IT! He always seems to know where we are, what we are doing. I never know how. But his response is always, "Kim, I have a camera that records everything you do!" I told him at the shower that Catholic Charities gave us last night that he would finally make the blog. So...you've made the blog, Abdulle!!! And I dedicate this post to YOU!!!

Catholic Charities is an extremely diverse work environment, which Daniel and I love. It's like the Lord brough all the nations, together in one building. At our shower, Lebanon, Somalia, Albania, Sudan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the good ol' U.S. of A. were all represented! We were asked to share our story at the shower. Daniel shared about the day we first met at the Tour de Cafe with Catholic Charities, April 20, 2005, to the day he proposed to me, February 6, 2006. Catholic Charities plays such a special role in our relationship - it's how God brought us together. I shared, too, about how I had prayed that the work I did while I was a student at seminary would prepare me for my future overseas. When I started with Catholic Charities, I thought He was preparing me to be an English teacher. What I discovered, though, was that He was introducing me to my life partner, the man with whom I would serve Him for a lifetime! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Isn't He amazing?


Recipe shower was last weekend also...and well, I have no excuse to not cook! Tons of women shared their favorite recipes with me and we were given LOTS and LOTS of cooking supplies - from blender/food processor to bundt pans and mixing bowls to smoothie maker to wok to measuring cups to serving dishes. Definitely, NO EXCUSE! These are the lovely ladies who hostessed my shower.


June has been the month of showers for us! Because I live in Fort Worth, I've planned Ruston showers to be 2 in a weekend for 2 weekends, rather than going home 4 times. I had a lingerie shower and recipe shower last week. Jenny, Heather, Anna, Molly, Laura, Leah, and Leigh hostessed my shower. It was great to see close friends, some I haven't seen since before I left for Egypt!!! Great excuse to see people - I'm getting married! Molly put together these great gerber daisy topiaries. Aren't they great?!?! Didn't know you had it in ya, Mol!!! But I LOVE it!!!

Mimi and I met in college. She called a couple of days before the shower to say she'd see me Saturday. I felt so loved! She drove in from the Houston area. It was great to see her!
Anna and Kristin are friends from church. We went on tons of youth trips together and the Lord has privileged us with continuing our friendship through the years.