Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rachie's visit, part trois

And here we are, after church, and after our speed re-match of Settlers on Sunday afternoon.

Rachie, we had a great weekend with you! We're so glad you came down to visit!

We love you!

interruption in "Rachie's visit" series

We interrupt this broadcast for a very important "thank you."

Brendon moved to Fort Worth back in September and began working as a case manager with Catholic Charities. He has become one of our really good friends. After the game Saturday night, Brendon ran out to his car and came back inside with this - a recipe book of Turkish meals!

How great!!!

Thanks, Brendon, for your thoughtfulness! We love you!

Rachie's visit, part deux

Saturday night we played Settlers of Catan with Rachel, Elizabeth, Josh, and Brendon. Ever played? You may remember it from our New Years blog. Our family is very much a fan of it! We had a great night of playing - pretty close game. Congrats to Josh and Elizabeth, the winners!

Rachie's visit, part un

Daniel's sister Rachel came to visit us from Maryland this past weekend. Since I'm on this "lower-my-cholesterol-in-6 months-by-eating-a-strictly-healthy-diet" plan, and since Rachel is a vegetarian, we chose to eat at the Spiral Diner for lunch on Saturday - nice little vegan place in the strip of restaurants on Magnolia Avenue in the hospital district of Fort Worth.

Little did we know that the picture we were readying ourselves for after lunch was being shot so many times! Here are Daniel's photography skills:

Thursday, February 07, 2008

remembering days of old

Want a glimpse into our pasts?

little Daniel - He was checking me out, even back then. See how he's looking down at me and smiling?!??! He thought I was hot. And, I thought he was pretty hot too, riding his "HOT WHEELS." Did you have one of those?

little Kimberly - my mouth was always open...even then! Well, except for the times my pacifier was in it - I was quite the fan of the pacifier and didn't give it up 'til my 3rd birthday.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

refugee on MTV

One of the refugee families we work with was featured on MTV this past Saturday. MTV is doing a series called "True Life." The series features young people in real life situations. They decided to do one on "Coming to America" and flew out to Thailand in search of a refugee with decent English who would be resettled in America. The MTV crew followed the family from their refugee camp in Thailand to Fort Worth. I'm not sure how to digitally show you the entire show, but we found a couple of deleted scenes on the internet. I currently am tutoring this guy's brothers and formerly taught ESL to his parents. They are a sweet, sweet family. One thing you won't hear on these deleted scenes is Thimonthy's desire to go to school. However, America isn't quite the dream he thought it would be. As the oldest sibling in a family of 7, Thimonthy needs to help financially support his family. Strides are being made to help him begin school at a community college. Click on this link to see pictures of the family and read a bit about their family's story.