Monday, August 18, 2008

29 weeks

Here we 29 weeks.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family in Fort Worth

Last week Mama, Daddy, Jenny, & Meredith came to visit us. They came bearing fun gifts from them as well as from friends in Ruston. Meredith has learned many new words since the last time we saw her - over a month ago. She was a chatterbox all weekend...and so much fun!!!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and we had a blast! We were packed in our small house - 2 in the guest bedroom, 1 on the couch, and Meredith in her pack-n-play. They came to baby shop with us and help us make some decisions about a crib and a glider. And...we made a decision about a glider!! The style is like this one, but it's custom made, so we got to choose a fabric that will go with the baby's room. We hope to have the glider delivered by the end of September... THANKS SO MUCH, Mama & Daddy!

Have I mentioned that Jenny is also pregnant? Surely I have. She's due October 1 and we're due November 3. She's been such a big help to me in this pregnancy. I've enjoyed our time as preggos together. She's full of great advice and I'm very happy to receive it.

Sunday we visited Ashley, her husband, and her baby. We were all Sigma Kappas at LA Tech and Jenny & Ashley were roommates in grad school.

We'll all see each other again Labor Day weekend. I have a couple of baby showers that weekend!! Until then....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

anniversary in Granbury

Again, I'm a bit behind on posting, but if you remember from a few posts ago, Daniel and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on July 29. We had decided to go to Granbury for a weekend get-away. For those of you living in the DFW area, we HIGHLY suggest going to Granbury for a fun weekend.

We drove about 40 minutes from home to find this quaint little town - it has a main sqare in the center of the town with absolutely adorable specialty shops, bookstores, and eateries in the 'square'. We stayed at a bed and breakfast on the square, appropriately named, "The Nutt House," named for the Nutt brothers who built and owned the house in the late 1800s. We stayed in the "General John Hood Room." Although this man wasn't a relative of mine (that I know of), the pretty cool thing is that both my great-grandfather's name and my uncle's name is John Hood.

This B&B isn't your typical flowery-country-style bed and breakfast. Rather, I'd describe it as classy, decorated with exquisite antiques.

We enjoyed our evening with dinner and a walk around the square. We had a HUGE breakfast and found an arsty little store on the corner of the square the next afternoon. We spent a couple of hours at The Bisque House making a mosaic together. We decided to make this cross, for the baby's room!! It was so fun to create something together for him!!

We had such a great weekend! Here's to the beginning of our 3rd year....crazy to think that this time next year, our son will be 10 months old!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

visit to Maryland

This is completely out of chronological order, but since we forgot our camera the weekend that we went to Maryland and we've just now gotten some pictures from the trip, I thought I'd post...even if it's a bit late!

The 2nd weekend in July we went to Maryland for an Audi family fun weekend. We hadn't been with Daniel's whole family since our vacation to Virginia Beach last summer. It was great to see everyone and the kids were really intrigued by my growing belly bump. They constantly asked to touch my tummy and wanted to know when the baby was moving. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite big enough to move a whole lot at that point. Too bad, for their sake, we didn't go just a couple of weeks later - they would have definitely seen him move then.

The kiddos having a picnic - I caught Isabella on camera as she was thanking Jesus for her food - so cute!

These are the oldest of the girl cousins being silly, enjoying watermelon on the swing and 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa's' house.

The weekend was so relaxing! We just hung out around the house, mostly, and went down to the neighborhood pool a couple of times. The nieces and nephews had some picnics in the backyard - it's a bit difficult to get out and about with 21 of us! One afternoon we took a trip to DC, though. It was hot, but fun! We rode an elevator to the top of the Washington Monument that day, my first time in all of our visits to do that. What's so amazing about DC is that our tax dollars pay for all sorts of great things - like visiting fascinating museums for free and going up to the top of the Washington Monument for free!

Here we are, the three of us - me, Daniel, and our son - standing at the base of the Washington Monument.

Orange the Monument

The bird's eye view of the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial from the top of the Washington Monument

Laura, Trish, and Becky with Julia and Isabella waiting to go up the elevator to see DC from the top of the Monument

The family surprised us Sunday night with a baby shower. Daniel's family are such loving, giving, generous people. We were really blessed by a sweet evening with everyone being showered with so many gifts. These are two great outfits for our little boy! Thanks, Rachie!! Among lots of other things, Daniel's mom made our baby a blue crocheted baby blanket. He'll love it!! Thanks, everyone, for a fantastic weekend together! We love you!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

"boys will be boys"...or should i say, "men will be men"

We really do love our small group! Our small group consists of Josh & Elizabeth, Caleb & Michelle, Brendon, and Nikki & Craig. It's been a 'hit-or-miss' summer with 2 couples going on overseas trips and others out for vacation. The night Caleb & Michelle returned from 3 weeks in Turkey, most of us met together for coffee at the Coffee Haus in Arlington to hear stories from their time there. Caleb gave each of the guys a 'Fez hat' and here they are, being silly together!

Guess who's the upside-down-one in the picture?!?!!? Yes, my extremely mature husband! ;-) I definitely didn't marry him because he's boring. On the contrary, I LOVE having lots of fun with him!!!

Couldn't this be the cover of a cool-band CD album?!?!!