Thursday, July 12, 2007

3 big events!

EVENT # UNO: So, Daniel and I board a plane in just 5 hours to go to Antalya, Turkey today! I guess it'll feel real either, 1. when we're on that never-ending flight over the Atlantic Ocean or 2. when we get off the plane in Antalya and every word I hear is foreign to my ears (except for the few words I might know, since the Turkish language borrowed some words from Arabic!) We've been praying about moving to Antalya and decided to go for a week's visit to seek the Lord there together. You can pray along with us for peace in the Spirit, clear direction from the Father, unity of mine and Daniel's hearts, good communication with friends there and with one another, protection of our marriage from schemes of the enemy while we're in this intense decision-making time!

EVENT # DOS: July 20 we'll fly back to the States and spend a little time with an friend of Daniel's from college and two friends of mine from Egypt. Then on the 21st we'll join all 21 Audis in Virgina Beach for a lovely week on the beach! Ah....relaxing on the beach. Well, we have 8 nieces and nephews, so I'm sure we'll relax some, but there will definitely be a lot of energy around us! ;-)

EVENT #TRES: OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Daniel is taking me to a swanky bed & breakfast in D.C. for our anniversary. Of course all that we've seen are pictures and descriptions from the website, but it looks awesome!!! It's hard to believe that we've been married for a year! The Lord has been so faithful to us in teaching us more and more about ourselves and drawing us closer to each other, teaching us to understand each other better, as He's drawn us closer to Himself. Thank you, Lord!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

weekend in Ruston.

Molly's shower on Saturday morning.

Audrey Melinda Stone will arrive sometime in mid-August, and my high school best friends and I got to give Molly a baby shower this weekend. It's the first time since our wedding that all 4 of us have been together! She got great gifts and we had much fun catching up!

Saturday afternoon fun in the pool.

Jenny and Meredith came up for the weekend to visit as well. We spent the afternoon with my mamaw and papaw and family at the pool. Meredith seemed to really like laying on the mattress in the middle of the pool - and of course, she was the life of the party. Isn't my niece adorable???!?!?!!!

Meeting my newest 2nd cousin.

My cousins Laura and Jason had their 2nd little girl on June 14. We got to meet her this weekend. Her name is Allie.

Jen and Meredith head back to Baton Rouge.

We said good-bye to Jenny and Meredith mid-afternoon and they were on their way back to Baton Rouge. Thanks, Jenny, for making the trpi to see us! We love you and love Meredith. It's fun to watch her grow and learn new things!!


Anna's family invited us out to the camp to see fireworks Saturday night over the lake. Really pretty!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

And we're off!

Some of you may or may not know of the passport issues here in the US lately. The passport office is really backed up, and Daniel and I have plans to travel to Turkey on July 12. We bought our tickets about 3 weeks ago. It wasn't until after we bought our tickets that we really were aware of the delay in receiving passports. We sent off our passports on May 2 and just didn't realize that May 2 may have potentially been too late to send off our passports and get them back before traveling on July 12. The passport office is now saying there is a 10-12 week turn around instead of the normal 6-8 week turn around. Well, since we had already bought our tickets and couldn't do much to change our circumstances without help from the Lord, we began praying!!! And...we were given advice to call our congressman. God gives us brains to use and doesn't ask that we just sit around without being responsible. So, last week on Tuesday we contacted Congresswoman Kay Granger. She apparently is a woman with authority because 6 days later, we now have our passports in hand!! Hallelujah, God is good!!