Monday, October 24, 2005

"If you're happy and you know it, show your teeth..."

Last night I met some of Daniel's friends at the bible study he has at his house on Sunday nights. It was fun to be in his world, with his friends, getting to know them and watching him interact with them. Good times.

The Lord is good. He is good in His faithfulness, good in His love, good in hard times, good in good times. The Lord is my Strong Tower. He is my Refuge. He is my Strength. He is the Joy of my heart. He is the Passion of my soul. He is the Song on my lips. Praise Him, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Be blessed in His love and grace today. May Christ be your "more than enough" today!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mohamed and Ahmed

Continue praying for Mohamed and Ahmed. Ahmed's little legs are getting stronger and he is showing signs of improvement.

Pray too for Sabah. I believe God is doing an amazing work in her and that the Holy Spirit is moving in her heart. Just this past week I got to share with her about how the Lord has really spoken clearly to me in this past month as I have been fasting and praying for a specific request. The concept of me fasting and praying was especially interesting to her at this time because Muslims are in the middle of the month of Ramadan. As I shared with her about my fast and prayer time with the Lord, she wanted to know how I heard from the Lord. It was such a blessed time with her!! I praise God for what He is doing in their lives! Pray that the Spirit would teach her the truth of Jesus Christ!

May you walk in the grace, peace, and love of Jesus Christ today and be His hands, feet, and voice to someone around you today! Bless you!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

HiGhLiGhTs fRoM tHiS wEeKeNd

It was a good weekend! Kristin, a girl friend of mine from YEARS back, had her engagement announcement party this weekend in Ruston. For those familiar with Ruston, you can probably imagine what it was like! Lots of people, all made up - makeup, hair in place, new outfit, - smiles and laughs. Katie, a friend from college who is now living in Dallas, and I drove to Ruston together Friday afternoon, went to the engagement party, went to a shower Saturday morning, and came home on Saturday afternoon. We weren't even in Ruston for 24 hours!

Of course I was so glad to be a part of this special time for Kristin and very glad to get to spend some good time with Katie, but one of the biggest highlights was seeing Anna. We lived together for 3 years when we were in college. Since then, the times we've seen one another have just not been enough! While I was in Egypt, she moved to Baton Rouge. Visits to Ruston for both of us are usually packed with family time. But...this weekend, though we only saw each other at the announcement party, it was a breath of fresh air. You know those friends of yours who have been in your life for so long that they know so much about you? I've realized that since my move to Egypt, there haven't been tons of people around me who know me like an old friend knows you. Anna knows that when I go to Taco Bell, I order a mexican pizza - ALWAYS. She knows that when I was in high school I was incredibly insecure about the scrawniness of my legs. So much so that I always asked my friends if my calf muscles looked any bigger! We can look at each other from across a crowded room and guess the thoughts of the other! HOW MANY FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE LIKE THAT?!?!??! Oh, it was SO GOOD to see her!!

And God's blessings and joys didn't end there this weekend - with old friends. No, He's given me new friends as well, or should I say a new friend. He is a man of God, passionate for the nations. Passionate for cultures and languages. Passionate for the glory of God. He is a gift from the Lord. Our Lord's blessings are numerous and I am so undeserving! He is a generous God. He is a good God. He is a loving God. He is a just God. He gives. He takes away. He loves unconditionally. He gives joy to His children. He shows us grace and mercy. My heart is so grateful. He blows me away with His great love! is not for His blessings that we are to love Him. No, we are to love Him. Period. Not "love Him because...", but "love Him." My prayer is just that - that I wouldn't love God because of what He blesses me with or what He is teaching me, but that I would love God because He is GOD! That I would love God. Period.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nothing Like Waking Up Next to Mohamed and Ahmed...

At 26 years old, I sometimes wonder, "God, why in the world am I still single? Why in the world have you not brought my Prince Charming my way?" It's nothing I dwell on, but of course the thoughts run through my mind occasionally, especially since almost all of my friends from high school and college are married and some are beginning families! It's so crazy how though we are all the same age, we are all at such different places in life.

However, I PRAISE GOD for where I am in life! I have seen much of this world, I have fallen in love with cultures - and I'm learning it's not only the Egyptian culture that I love, but any culture. It's all so intriguing to me! He has undeniably given me a heart for the nations and I get excited to get to be a part of the lives of those whose ethnic background differs from mine.

I am a part of something bigger than myself, bigger than what can be seen by the naked eye. And though we don't always understand why we are where we are, He does. He has planned it all out. If we would just TRUST in Him, the days would pass by much more stresfree!

Today, October 10, 2005, I am living in Fort Worth, TX. In January of this year, when I first moved to Fort Worth, I came here with a deep love for Arabs, esepcially Egyptians. Because of the two years I lived in Egypt, God gave me an emmense love for the Egyptian people. I sought out Egyptians and found Ahmed, Mohamed, Sabah, and Ibrahim at the Muslim feast in Arlington. God has developed a beautiful friendship between this family and me. I learned last night when I went to break fast with them, that they will be returning to Egypt at the end of November. My heart broke - I've fallen in love with Ahmed and Mohamed. But, I know that Egypt is their home. They have an older brother and sister there whom they have not seen for 3 years. I knew this time was coming, their days in America would end. I'm thankful for the time I have had with them. Last night Sabah asked me to spend the night with them. And of course, I did! In the hours I spent with the family last night, I layed hands over the boys and prayed healing over Ahmed's legs and over Mohamed's somewhat paralyzed right hand. I ask the God of the Universe, our Great Physician to heal those boys. In the powerful name of Jesus, I prayed healing over the boys. I prayed revelation of Himself to the family. Sabah always listens intently. She sometimes has questions.

I slept in a double bed last night beside Mohamed and Ahmed. Both boys were asleep when I got in bed. I spent the next half hour or so praying over them, praying over their house, asking the Holy Spirit to dwell in their home. I believe His presence will linger there, even in my absence. He is penetrating the darkness.

I woke up this morning and Mohamed cuddled up next to me and kissed me. We layed there, me holding him, while Sabah gave Ahmed a bath. Mohamed took a bath. I helped them get dressed, fed them their breakfast while Sabah showered. The boys and I sat there and I sang to them. I've been teaching them, "Jesus loves me" and I sang an Arabic worship song to them, "Enta Azeemun" (You [God] are great). Mohamed reqeusted for me to sing "Adeemun", as he says it, again. Oh, that God would grow these two little boys up to be fearers of the Lord of lords and King of kings. That the life and breath He has given them would be used for His glory, for His kingdom's expansion!! GOD SAVE THIS FAMILY!!!

I thank You, oh God, for this season in my life. If I had my own husband, my own family right now, I would have missed this opportunity. I would have missed waking up next to Mohamed and Ahmed.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Month of Fasting

Today is the first day of Ramadan...the month Muslims remember the month in which Mohammed received the Qu'ran. I called my friends in Egypt this morning to wish them a "Happy Ramadan". Of course they know I do not celebrate this, but it is a holiday and a special month for them. It was nice to hear their voices. I told Shu Shu, "I am praying for you even more during this month that you would know the Truth of Who God is." She said, "Thank you."

During this month as Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, would you join me in prayer for them? Pray that they would see dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Pray that they would encounter God in a mighty way and that they would struggle with questions of their faith during this "holy" month. Many Muslims who have converted to following Christ testify that God did a mighty work in them during the month of Ramadan. As they sought to be closer to God and deprived themselves of food during this month, God gave them dreams and visions of His Son in white, welcoming them to 'Come unto Him.' Ask BIG THINGS of our BIG GOD and watch as He brings His kingdom here on earth!

A few specific names to pray for: Amira and family; Shu Shu and family; Salwa and family; Ahmed, Mohamed, Sabah and Ibraham; my class of Somali students in Arlington; my class of Somali Bantu students in Fort Worth. THANK YOU FOR STANDING IN THE GAP FOR THESE!