Sunday, July 31, 2005

We SpLiT tHe BiLLs

My roommate wanted to title this, "2 Hot Girls in the City"...I told her that was a bit vain (yet true, of course!!) Anyhow, Ash and I have been friends since junior high. If you ever get the privilege of meeting her, you'll LOVE her! She's full of laughs! When you meet her, ask her about "teddy ruxpin"!!!!

ARABS in America

I've gotten to get involved with a group of Arabs from a local church here in Fort Worth and am loving the relationships I am developing with them! We have weekly meetings of worship and fellowship. These friends are such a gift from the Father. I love them so much and consider it a privilege and joy to call them friends and brothers and sisters in Christ! May the Lord grow His kingdom among the Arab people of the world...starting with us, here in the DFW metroplex!

"Hi, my name is Kim. What is your name?" ...

I'm an English teacher now! Yes, I am still a student at seminary, but I am now teaching English as a second language to a class of 14 Somali refugees and another class of 18 Somali Bantu refugees. I LOVE my students and count it a blessing to be their teacher. The Lord provided this amazing job for me as soon as I returned from Cairo. I started July 4 and love it! I've never looked forward to going to my job before now. My students are such a joy and I love the 4 hours I spend with each class weekly. We spend a lot of time laughing as they learn this new language. For some, it's not such a new language. My class of 14 Somalis were all living in a refugee camp in Kenya since the time that war broke out in Somalia in 1991. Some of the men received a decent education there. Their levels vary from the father who still gets confused as to how to respond to the question, "What is your name?" to his oldest son who speaks English almost as good as you and me. Refugees with our agency have the opportunity to take English classes for free for their first 5 years in the States. The resettling agency I work for is really amazing and though I am only in the English teaching department, I am enjoying learning a bit about the process of resettlement, social security cards, immigration, citizenship, etc. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me this job - it's perfect for me for right opportunity to make ends meat as well as a great opportunity to minister to my students with the love of Jesus Christ!

FaMilY TiEs

As soon as I returned from Cairo in June, I got to visit my family. It was the first time all of us were together since my sister's wedding in January!! We had a great time together...just hanging out in Baton Rouge at a camp on the river. Jenny and Brian were a great host and hostess and they showed us a wonderful time on the lake!


This is at the Karnak Temple in Luxor...I'm like a miniature object compared to what surrounds me!!!


I used to spend almost every Friday, the Muslim holy day, with Amira's family. She's the friend I've known the longest in Cairo and I love both her and her family! Fridays were usually spent hanging out in her home with her mom and her nephews and sisters. We'd cook lunch and enjoy meals together, then drink hot tea together...and visit! 100s of hours have been spent in her home. May He bless her family and may they know Him!!


I got to go to Luxor, an ancient city in southern Egypt, during my time there in June. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. As I strolled through the gigantic statues and columns and temples, and ancient hieroglypic writings, I wondered...what in the WORLD was life like back in the day! I can't EVEN imagine.

Details of hieroglyphics...

BaYt MaRiaN, FaDy, wE NaDiR

This is at one of my best friends' house - with her brothers and their friends. They were so sweet to host me many weekends in my stay in June. We spent lots of time and lots of late nights together laughing and reading from the Word, talking and just hanging out. I even learned a little Middle-Eastern dancing from them!!!

LiKe SisTeRs

Shu Shu is one of my best friends in Egypt...she's always ready to take me on an excursion in the city - showing me around all the tourist sites! Our favorite place to meet is at the KFC in downtown Cairo, near the metro. From there, we usually have lunch at HILTON KOSHARY. Koshary is my favorite Egyptian meal - filled with carbohydrates!! It's a bowl of noodles, spaghetti, rice, lentils, garbonzo beans, and fried onions...topped with a red sauce!!! mmmm...mmmmmmmmmm.......GOOD!


"Bateekh...teleta gnee wa nos!" This means, "Watermelons... $0.60!"

MoSquEs TopPeD oFf WiTh MiNaReTs

Fort Worth is HOT this summer!!! After having lived in Cairo for 2 years, you'd think that the heat of the summer would be a given to me. However, I think it's hotter here in Fort Worth than it was in Cairo - the humidity probably playing a big role in that!

It's been a great summer. I've gotten to return to Cairo and see friends, which was such a blessing! My heart only continues to grow for that place and for the Egyptian people. I don't know the Lord's exact plans for my future, but I know that Egyptians will be part of that in some form or fashion - ministry alongside them here in the States...ministry among them there in Egypt. In Arabic, we say, "Allaho A3lam," which means, "God knows."