Monday, March 26, 2007

Beth Moore and the North Central Louisiana Reunion

So, I've been doing Beth Moore's The Patriarch bible study with 4 girlfriends from work. Mom called a while back telling me that Beth Moore was coming to Shreveport and asked if I'd like to go. Then I thought the girls would like to go as well...and they were stoked! So, last Friday afternoon we set off for a road trip to Shreveport. Beth was great. Possibly more on that later, as I debrief more and more. However, what I thought would be of interest to you North Central Louisiana readers were the random people I saw at the conference. Here's the run-down:

Allison (Reaves) Granger - Temple
Becky Shirley - LA Tech, dorms - sophomore year
Michelle Winter - Temple
Elizabeth Harries - LA Tech, BSU
Erin Melton - LA Tech, sorority
Emily Beck - LA Tech, Sigma Kappa
Taffy Reader - LA Tech, my best friend's sister-in-law
Katie Cannon - LA Tech, Temple (but I actually knew she would be there)
Shannon (Stanley) Shoalmire - Shreveport, from childhood
Lesha Apponey - LA Tech, Sigma Kappa
Andrea Phillips - FBC Ruston

I'm feeling like there may have been a couple more, but my brain is foggy at the moment. Anyhow...who knew that in a room of 14,000 people - yes! I said 14,000 women gathered to hear a powerful word from the Lord through His servant, Beth Moore - that I would run in to so many people! I was in awe the first night of all of those women of one room! And just thinking, "Wow...and this is only a MINISCULE population of heaven!" Too much to comprehend!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama, Daddy, Jenny, Meredith, and Brian came to Fort Worth last weekend for March Madness with Brian's friends/Mom's birthday. It was fun having everyone out here. We surprised Mom with new everyday dishes. She loved them! And we were proud of our (Jenny's) gift idea.

Of course the weekend was mostly about Meredith and doting over her. What's not to dote over?
I wrote in an earlier post that Chloe, Jenny's yorkshire terrior, was my first threat to no longer being the "baby" of the family. Well, here are my 2 "baby" understudies snoozin' away together...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Between a Rock...and the Air on our Backs

We tackled DYNO-ROCK last night. And at times, DYNO-ROCK tackled us! For Valentine's Day I had given Daniel an "I owe you" to go rock climbing (it didn't seem like the appropriate thing to do FOR Valentine's Day itself, so I thought an "I owe you" would be just fine). We're trying to re-establish a weekly date night and I suggested going to DYNO-ROCK last night.

Both of us have climbed before, but we are no experts by ANY means! We caught on quickly and have plans to go again - but not before our bodies heal from this past time - who knew that grabbing on to those pegs in the walls would call for such strong fingers and that the tips of our fingers would sting afterwards from the constant contact?!! And those shoes you have to wear!! Neither of us could feel the tips of our toes toward the end of our climbing. The shoes hug your feet so incredibly tightly - maybe we needed bigger sizes.

For us beginners, there's probably lots to still learn! But we made it to the top, almost every climb! VICTORIOUS!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Weekend #2 of my birthday festivities:

Today I had the biggest birthday party ever! Every week I spend 4 days a week with Somali Bantu kids, teens, and adults. And when Daniel and I talked about how I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year, I thought, "I'd LOVE to celebrate with these people who are so precious in my life." The party planning began there. And today we celebrated big!!

18 balloons
11 2-liter sodas
9 bags of popcorn
8 Americas
6 jars for face painting
5 cakes
3 bags of pretzels
3 cartons of juice
2 pinatas
2 painters
2 paint brushes

50+ Somali Bantu kids

That was my birthday party today!!!

And here's my birthday song - fun or what?!??!!

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And here are some of my friends' faces - beautiful or what??!?!?!

Monday, March 05, 2007

LOTS TO bear with me, please!

We went home this weekend to celebrate my 28th birthday with my family, and found much of my family out of town. :-(
However, Jenny and Meredith were in town, and of course my folks, and my grandparents!

Sisters play DRESS-UP

I'm sure nothing surprises you about my posts...nothing that I do surprises you. So, here it is. Yes, I woke up on the morning after my birthday, at home with mom and daddy and Jenny and Daniel and Meredith, and I thought, "It would be fun to put on my wedding dress again!" Afterall, most girls only wear it that one day and never see it again - thought I'd put daddy's money to good use! ;-) So, as I was putting the dress on, Jenny walked in the room, and after some coercing, she put hers on as well - and she has had a child since her wedding. Doesn't she look great!?!?!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt

So, the birthday party was a scavenger hunt that Daniel and I made up. For those who have never been to my parents' house, they live on about 80 acres of pasture that is outlined by trees. On the other side of the trees is my granny's house. Daniel and I thought it would be fun to make up clues for random things at our house - deer feeder, 4-wheeler, rocking chair on the front porch, storage building, martin house, hummingbird feeder - and my granny's house - treehouse, greenhouse, trampoline, burn pile, bell, golf cart - and have those attending the party go on a scavenger hunt. Well, since the only guests were my grandparents, folks, and my sister and her 4 month old baby, we thought it might not happen. But they were all sweet to amuse us and they ventured out for the scavenger hunt....and it was a HIT!! Mamaw and Daddy were the just seconds!

They loved it and even requested that we make up another for when everyone is home for Easter!


28 candles...and 1 to grow on!! Yep, we had cake and ice cream after the scavenger hunt and I blew out 29 candles!

I Used to Be the Center of Attention

So, I know this is pitiful to admit, but I used to be the center of attention at my house. I was the BABY. And well
when my sister got her yorkshire terrior, Chloe, I lost my position. And now, there's Meredith. And poor Chloe...she lost her position,as well.

Look how cute our newest BABY of the family is! We had a really great weekend getting to play with our niece and see family!

Another PARTY in Fort Worth

Our friends, John and Deb Hormillosa, and their 2 little ones, Owen and Elle, are moving to California this week. Daniel met John and Deb when he first started going to our church, in 2003. Owen turned 5 on Sunday! We said good-bye to them at his birthday party.

God has opened up some great doors for them out in San Diego. We are excited for them, but will miss them! We love you, Hormillosas!!!