Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Monday, December 21, 2009


Andrew enjoyed his first Christmas party with our small group...minus the 2 Brendons. You've seen pictures of most of these folks before, but this semester, Caleb & Bre Beacham joined our small group and we've really enjoyed getting to know them. They have tender hearts for the Lord and Bre is becoming such a dear friend. I'm loving getting to know you, Bre!

Caleb & Bre Beacham, Elizabeth & Josh Audi, Caleb & Michelle Dulock
Andrew, Daniel, me, Josiah, and Nikki, Tessa, Craig & Jesse Comolli


Sunday, December 20, 2009


The birth of our son.

Andrew David Audi

Born on December 4, 2009

7 lbs. 7.8 oz.

19 1/2" long

As we talked about what we would name our 2nd son, we began throwing out names that we liked – oddly enough, not many of them were names we had seriously considered for Josiah. The name Andrew was one we both really liked. In the book of John, John records that Andrew was regularly bringing people to Jesus. Andrew was one of the first followers of Jesus and when he followed, he went to find his brother, Simon Peter, and brought him to Jesus. In John’s account of the loaves and fishes, Andrew is the one who finds the little boy with the loaves and fishes and brings the boy to Jesus. Our prayer is that our Andrew would be like the disciple – that he would bring people to Jesus. Another reason we liked the name was because of its meaning. “Andrew” means “manly” or “warrior.” Our pastor began a series a few months ago on the end times. As we’ve talked about what those days will be like and as we anticipate that living as a true disciple of Christ in this world will increasingly become more and more challenging, we really felt the Lord confirming in our spirits that our little Andrew will be a “warrior” for the Kingdom of God in the coming years. Finally, “Drew” is a family name in Kim’s mom’s side of the family, and this was an added special bonus.

As for his middle name, David. Well, we all know that David was called a man after God’s own heart. We pray that our son would be called a “man after God’s own heart.” That he would fulfill the meaning of his name, “Beloved.”

So, we pray over our son that he would be a perfect combination of his two given names – “warrior” and “beloved.” That he would be tough, yet tender.

Family Pics

Our good friend, Izehi, took some pictures of the 3 of us just before the arrival of our little Andrew. We had a great time with her and got some fun shots!