Saturday, May 29, 2010

other happenings in the past few months....

Josiah has a best friend. And his name is Elliot.

Elliot and Josiah playing in the back of Elliot's Daddy's truck...

Elliot is 5 1/2 months older than Josiah. They became best friends this past fall. They started hanging out when I went back to work. Elliot and his Mommy, Lindsey, came to keep Josiah. And, their friendship was born. Elliot got a new little brother just one day before Josiah got his new little brother. And, their friendship
became even stronger. Now they talk about the woes and triumphs and joys of being the big brother - and boy, do they have a lot to talk about!

Josiah and Elliot at Elliot's 2nd birthday party - riding horses and catching up on the latest big brother news.

Andrew began propping himself up, getting ready to be a big boy and sit up!

Daniel celebrated birthday #33 with friends at Istanbul Grill in Arlington.

Josiah has a couple of lady friends.

I went back to work at the end of March and a friend of mine kept
the boys for us. She and her daughter came over 2 mornings a week to play with
the boys. Josiah and Naomi fell in love!
Grace is another one of Josiah's friends. We tried to get together with Grace and her mommy about once a month. This picture is at Kindermusik. Grace invited Josiah to be her guest at Kindermusik one morning - he had a blast!

Other fun around our house.
Watching Praise Baby with all of his stuffed animals, the babies hanging out with each other learning how to be brothers, taking Josiah on a date with us by himself to Putt-Putt, playing dress-up with cowboy gear, having a first lick of an ice cream cone, sliding down a BIG slide at our church's carnival (so proud of him!)


Luu said...

It is so much fun to see your kids making friends! Esther has a little friend, Levi, who is 2 months younger than her, who she LOVES! She was signing "Esther and Levi" to a song she knows the other day while playing! How fun you hang out with Lindsay, she is so awesome! It is great to have someone who is in the same boat as you as a close friend! Hope all is well with you!

melissa said...

Kim! So glad to see that you are blogging again! I enjoyed all the sweet pics of the boys, so please keep them coming!
We are planning on coming to fort worth in a few weeks so we'd love to see you guys if possible!